Guide to play Call of duty in Multiplayer Mode

(Only for windows)


Fun grows exponentially when you are on a mission with your friends and the only thing at stake is how long before your mom storms into your room and finds out the thing you’re doing which is definitely not studying. You can explain to her later but first you need to know how to play everybody’s favorite COD online with your friends.

Here is the full procedure how you can do it:-


A smartphone with portable hotspot feature.

Laptops or Desktops with WIFI drivers


Minimum requirements of desktop/laptop:-


256 MB Graphic Card

Hard disk Space of 9 GB


If you don’t have the game, here is a direct download link :-

The file is a RAR file … Just extract it


Now, let’s start setting up the game after extracting the RAR file:-

  1. Pick a smartphone and set up a portable hotspot

(Don’t tap ON your cellular data. There is no need. It will work directly through your hotspot.)


  1. Now, connect every laptop/desktop to the hotspot.


  1. One device has to be created as a server – The procedure to create a server is as follows:


  • Go to the folder where you extracted the game.


  • Open Command prompt through start menu and run it as administrator.
  • Now type the command ipconfig.


  • It will show your IPv4 address and copy it somewhere or if you are intelligent enough, remember it for some seconds.


  • Open the file alterIWnet(configuration file) in notepad and paste your ip in front of “server=”. Save the file.



  • Now , double click IWNetServer.exe which will look like this:



  • Now, just double click iw4mp.exe file which will open like this:


  • Don’t worry … Click OK and let it run.
  • The game will start running as the picture shows:-



Now, its time to connect your friends with the server:

NOTE: First let the server guy set up the server by clicking on “Play Online” and then at “Private Match”. When he/she completes, then only connect with it.

  • Give the device IP address to everyone.
  • Now, open the game folder and open the same file ini(configuration file) in notepad and paste the IP address in front of “server=”. Save the file.



  • Now, open the game iw4mp.exe and let it run.
  • When the game opens, press ALT+TAB and in the window as shown below:


  • Type “connect <IP address>” and press enter.

(You will hear a popping sound which means your game is connected to the server device)


  • Now, open your game from taskbar.

(Your name will be displayed in there)


Hoorah, you are connected to the game.

Now, tell the server guy to start the game and enjoy the action.


If you get any issues, please let me know and tell about the problem in the comments section. I will definitely try to resolve it.

Happy FPS gaming.

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