We have thrown this at ourselves at some point in our lives, hadn’t we? Like what’s my fault? Who is to blame? Where did I go wrong? Why despite working so hard, I didn’t achieve that what I was aiming at for so long? Why it was only me at that place and not others, when that thing happened?

Well, the answer to all the above questions is very crystal clear yet blurred. The one to blame is both no one and everyone. And the fault is all yours and nobody’s at the same time. Actually that’s how I have attained peace with all these questions which have caused me sleepless nights for so long. I use to ask myself the question -> what was the fault of that guy who met with an accident when there was none his fault. What’s the special thing done by the person born in a super-rich family and what’s the fault of others born in a struggling background? Let’s take animals, what did the lion do to become the king of jungle and what did the goat do to be eaten away?


Sounds confusing? Well let me take an example for you. A sample from one of the long list of mayhem caused by the people whom we call terrorist. Now, take a note and follow all the questions that am gonna throw at you. What was fault of those people who among the other infinite possibilities of universe, happened to be at that exact place at the same time when they were brutally murdered. What was the divine good done by the people who passed the epicenter of bomb minutes ago? Now let’s dig deeper into it. What’s the fault of that terrorist who have been brainwashed to such an extent that he doesn’t remember the thing called humanity. What was his fault that he was prone to these thing? What’s the fault of that evil insane human who master minded all this? We all can be sure that his upbringing must have been like this. Now what was his fault to be born in a family like that and not to a priest? Am not there saying who’s right or who’s wrong, am just questioning things.


Now, there’s a whole new division of chances. All bad people are not born bad and neither born in evil or corrupt family. Some happen to become that, look at the cases of those parents whose children fled to become terrorists. Now, these changes occur in them due to all the circumstances and situations they face as they walk through life. Now, who controls what kind of situations will happen to a person. We obviously know good people and good situations don’t always stick together. Some people change due to the type of people they meet. Now who judges that?

With all due respect to all the religions and beliefs of everybody, I am not questioning god. Moreover, am just a mere human. Not very clear idea of what other religions say, my religion says that it’s the result of your deeds. And these deeds stick with you at places where your body don’t, i.e. they travel with you between lives as you switch bodies. Now if you do something good; hurrah! Congratulations for a good afterlife and for the rest of present life (hopefully, if you are lucky). And if you do something bad, then sorry you are going to be somebody else lesser than human. Seems legit for an explanation, but really? What scope or what dimension or what certainty are we talking of? Now, all the rest that remains that we don’t understand, we put it on already guilty shoulders of luck. Please tell me, what kind of universal law is it that has so many exceptions? A doctor trying to save a patient, who eventually dies unfortunately – is it bad karma of the doctor? A person tried killing somebody, but he escapes it – good karma or luck? I think it’s the point we need focus on, cause I believe that all you’re doing and your karma ultimately comes down to the intention with which you’ve doing it.


And for the rest of the things that just happen to us and why it happens to us. I got no answer and I believe we are not meant to have answers. We can spend our lives putting ‘what if’ in front of our scars but we aren’t Gods, are we?


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