How to maximize the graphics of FIFA on your PC:


Of course I know, most of you out there don’t play it on 15/16 inch screen. Its FIFA after all.

The FIFA graphics are perfectly rendered for your PC or laptop. But, then you plug in the HDMI cable with great enthusiasm and you see something like this :

Pixels scattering and even the grass looks like a plain carpet. Isn’t it ??

I just hope most of you didn’t break your TV or PC just for this.

So, here is the solution for not facing such inappropriate graphic rendering on the screen :

  • Identify the graphic card you have (Most of you will be having NVIDIA or ATI Radeon).
  • Go in the search bar to open the Graphic card’s control panel.


  • Search for the option like 3d settings or application settings. Open it.


  • Now, choose the application and set the respective things as shown below:


Anisotropic filtering –> 16x

Antialiasing FXAA –>  ON

Antialiasing mode –> Enhance the application setting

Antialiasing Setting –> 16xQ CSAA or 32x


(an image to show the difference in graphics quality after you set the anisotropic  and antialiasing to more than 16x )

Texture filtering – Quality –> High Quality

Texture filtering – Anisotropic Sample optimization –> OFF

Vertical Sync –> ON

(Do make sure your graphic card has at least 1 GB of memory to render this much )

And here comes the difference when you open the game after enabling these optionsfifa16-real-madrid

Looks like Ronaldo got Ultra HD now … 😀

Happy Gaming !!!

(Image source – Google)

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