The Curse Of Being Second

Do you remember Buzz Aldrin? Do you even know who he was? What I can assure you is that you have definitely read of him in your elementary books or probably somewhere else. The ‘second’ man to walk the moon. In his recent autobiography “No Dream Is Too High”, he tells about his anguish for not being the number one. His words express the pain of scars which can never be healed. He might try to manipulate opinions and express as much he wants, even get  equivalent sympathy too. But he can never deny the fact that no matter what, the name Neil Armstrong will always resonate before his.

But is this scenario really worth agonizing about? Every major trophy or championship final, be it a sport or a competition or anything else; the silver medal looks more like poison. And the bearer is often in more pain than the whole community who he left defeated. Take in account the misfortunes of Justin Gatlin and Yohan Blake, who have to live in shadow of mighty Usain Bolt despite being exceptional athletes themselves.Do reaching that level of sport and competing at that scale isn’t good enough? They have worked all their life to be there.The one among millions and the life where you actually get recognized for the thing you love. Yet, at half the odds they end up showing tears to the world who seem to somewhat enjoy it as well. The supporters cry with them while it makes victory more flavorful for opposition who sometimes gift sympathy in return. And for neutrals, these dramatic theatrics become a major reason why they watch finals having missed what lays beyond that.

The point here is, all those footballers except Messi and Ronaldo need to believe that their accomplishment and hard-work is worth all they have achieved, even if they don’t get short-listed for best player awards. The problem is that we don’t enjoy the road, the road we are on all the time, the ultimate conquest for everlasting success. And not taking the pleasure out of winning. It’s a beautiful one but it shouldn’t be the only one you hang onto while working up your dreams. Because it isn’t guaranteed, right? The only thing that’s guaranteed is that you can celebrate your way to that summit like a carnival.

Purpose is the only thing one should hold onto doing the task of his heart. He does that, he is happy and everything else is pretty much relative. Money? It’s the name of thirst which no holy drink can quench. Fame? I don’t think there’s a limit to the amount of virtual and real followers you can get that’ll give you contentment and peace. Medal? When would we realize that not everybody can be winner at the same time even if they all recite the same set of prayers. Winning and it’s pleasure should be drawn from within and not from outside.

So what’s the hack? You choose a dream and you chase it like a hungry lion chasing a fat prey. You give your everything and leave no stone unturned. Now, whatever happens after that won’t give you regret. Because you gave your everything and it wouldn’t matter if you are 2nd or 200th. There will be contentment, there will be peace. And for the rest of the world, it’s better to switch to airplane mode for that time.

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