Earth is home to 7 billion humans. Everybody is different in their own way. But few are those who are cute, adorable, weird, superstitious, irritating, charming, big-hearted, disciplined and somewhat stupid all at the same time. Those ‘few’ are 2 billion people from this beautiful country India. Anywhere you go in the world, you’ll easily recognize them. Not by the way they look, but by the way of their habits and the way they do things. Here we present some of those untamed habits that makes them so unique-

1.Beating the shit outta that remote!


That remote isn’t working? Oh! It needs a slap or two on it’s back. Weak batteries? No way! They were changed just an year ago. Still not working? More slaps.

Yeah, Indians do it. 🙂

2.Brand new Crockery

If you ever see any of your Indian friend buying brand new crockery, don’t expect to get served in it next time you visit their home. For most of the people, that expensive beautiful crockery would only be the treat to the eyes residing in that glass cabinet. And just like VIPs, they come in public only on special occasions.

3.Door is the place for long conversations!



Invite somebody over tea.

Total time of tea+snacks+gossip+flaunting=30 mins.

oh! Time for goodbye. Talking time at the door= 60 mins.

That happens quite a lot. Hard to let go maybe!

4.Indian parents in public vs private

In the middle of the busy market, child demands something and mother politely says,”No son, you don’t need that”. Child is stubborn – Mom gives him death stare. Child is not letting go – Mom buys it.

In the middle of living room in front of television, child demands something and mother says nothing, just ignores. Child is stubborn – Mom gives 15 mins lectures. Child isn’t letting go – Slap! Slap! Slap!

5.Traffic lights


Indians have the same traffic light with the same set of colors as the rest of the world. The difference is in the way they read it.

Green- Go

Yellow- Go fast

Red- Look around. No one? Then go!

6.Events and family functions 

Indian events and family functions are the best place to witness human love for each other. People meet strangers, act like they know each other so well and start talking like friends of a lifetime. Those strangers are actually distant relatives who see you when you are 2-3  years old and expect you to remember their name and faces 15 years later. You’d treat them so well, ask how they are and even give career advice to their children. And after they’re gone, you’ll turn to your parents and ask- who were they?

That’s being Indian.

7.English – High Class , Native tongue – Low Class 

If you ever hear some middle to old age lady (better call them auntie) and hear them speaking English of a kind that you’ll hear from a 5th grader learning English, they are definitely Indian sugar coated sweet ladies. Moreover, for the sake of stereotype- If you speak Hindi or any other native Indian language in front of them, then sorry my friend you are going straight into their long list of uneducated people.

8.Perception and openness to art 


Price to visit a famous art gallery- Rs. 20

Price to see a latest crap movie in the cinema- Rs. 300

Expect on every day of the every year to have more audience in a 100 seat cinema compared to that vast art gallery. This is India, where even an avid art lover don’t follow his heart.

Credits: Society

9.Buying at a mall vs Buying at a local market


                   MALL                                                                             MARKET

SALE Rs. 1200 (oh! so affordable)                                  Rs.300 (My God, the inflation)

Please pack it!                                                                       Will you give 2 for Rs.400?

Wears it once a month.                                                       Wears it thrice a week.

10.It’s cheaper just a little away from here !


Imagine this. Two exactly same products are available at two different shops 10 km away from each other. A person X is standing in shop 1 and gets to know that the product is Rs. 50 cheaper in shop 2. X spends Rs. 100 and lot of time in going from shop 1 to shop 2 and still comes out happy buying that product. X is the cute silly Indian.

11.We make soulmates in 15 mins.


Forget about meeting at a coffee shop or library or a festival or a party, most of the Indian guys and girls meet at a family meeting. They see each other, talk to each other for 15 mins and are expected to make the decision of marriage that’s gonna last the rest of their lives. That’s the way we like to do it. Oh yeah! Now just to give you a shake, Indian marriages are among the ones with very high success rate.

12.Pile at the gas station!


If you happen to be in an Indian city and see a rush of vehicles to get their tank full at a gas station till midnight, then you need not read the news to know that the gas prices are going up the next day. Among those in queue, most of the people are those who don’t even need that amount of fuel.

13.It’s OK to litter, fight in public but NOT OK to kiss in public


Yep that’s true. Throw whatever you want to in the streets and fight with whoever you want to and no one will be much bothered. But dare not kiss. You will be given so much deathly stares at you won’t get sleep for days. Sad truth.

14.Art of recycling

Those clothes that Indians wear on Holi (Indian festival of colors and water) are the ones that used to be the king of the closet. But such is the wheel of the time and the art of recycling that those clothes see so much world in so many different attires. And clothes are not only the instruments of art, take anything of daily use and you would find so many innovative ways to use them that would even shy the marketing unit of the company that makes them.

15. Place of worship


Am not talking of holy Indian temples. Am taking of Indian workplaces where every morning head touches the floor before feet. That’s the devotion, respect and love of people towards the work they do. These values, ethics and discipline is what takes them so far and that’s why they are a different and powerful force wherever they go. 🙂


Note: This article is not meant to hurt the sentiments of any person in any way. Anything which the reader didn’t find comforting is hugely regretted.

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