From Stones to Hearts

Once upon a time, there was an Old man who was famous for the precious and mysteriously shiny gemstones he sold. It was rumored and a lot of people actually believed that the one who buys his gems may escape all the miseries. Moreover, those gems may take the place of a genie when required.


The Old man used to write all his thoughts and feelings of the day in a little diary which he used to write every night before sleep. One magical night, the old man seemed a lot happy and overwhelmed with emotions while he was writing his daily journal. The son of that old man couldn’t hide his anxiety and asked his father what he was writing about. The Old man gave a warm smile and said, “All in right time, my son.”


The next day everything was going like a normal bright sunny day when a man- whose beard expressed all there was in him- entered the shop. He gave that kind of smile by which the old man knew something was wrong. The bearded gentleman pulled out a gun and pressing that against the old man’s sweaty head said, “Make no noise and slide all the precious gems you have in my bag.” The brave old man didn’t make a noise but neither did he hand away his gems. What followed was three deafening shots and before the echo of death went away, both gems and the thief was gone. The old man in his last moments was just moving in random position trying to do something.

After an hour, the investigation team, media, cops and Tom were present at the spot. The news went viral immediately all over the world. Tom sat near the body and all he could do was cry. He thought how a single incident devastates someone so easily. Suddenly, an investigator shouted to look at the body posture. Everyone there saw the body to be pointed in a direction as if it’s a message for someone.  Head officer asked Tom about this. But he was way lost in his thoughts. The head officer raised his voice, ”Tom,  are you here ? ”. “Sorry sir, I am not able to gather myself ”. Officer answered, “Can you recognize this son? Looks like he did this for you”. Tom had a look at the body of his Dad and saw him pointing at the steel cupboard in the direction. He tried to open it but it was locked. The team saw the keys in the shop and tried to open it but nothing happened. Tom exclaimed, ”I think the keys are at home sir. I will bring them right away”. He went home and saw the diary. He picked it and kept it in his bag. He rushed to the shop and opened the cupboard. To everyone’s excitement, there was nothing in the cupboard. And they were clueless again.

Cathriona White funeral

The death ceremony started the next day with a crowd of thousands. Almost a Hundred of people told their stories about how they met the most amazing man on the earth. And how his gemstones helped them make their life more fruitful.  He was a worldwide sensation for his gemstone healings for they worked with almost everyone he sold to.

Tom listened to people talking about his father. And he noted some peculiar questions he always listened – “how the stones can heal someone”, ”Did he knew real magic ”, “Why didn’t he tell me about this ”. He asked his dad several times and all the OLD MAN said was, “There is a time in the secret to be revealed son. Its worth waiting. ”

Tom had a flight the very next day of the funeral. He boarded the flight and was resting at the window seat. Still, his mind could not gather himself. And he suddenly remembered of his Dad’s diary. He opened the bag he brought with him and there was The Diary.  He started reading it and the time he ended, he could do nothing but cry. To his surprise, he found a letter at the end of the diary which read –


Hey there myself Prophet. No that’s not my name, that’s what people call me now. I hope my son is reading this. Tom, just make sure you read this letter out in a press conference after reading now. Because its the time that I should tell everyone and You the secret. My secret was nothing but a faith. I believed in my stones and always had a faith that they work. The people out there, they were never healed by my stones. They were always healed by themselves. Your belief wants a faith. Every belief wants a faith. My stones made them believe that they will be alright. Their faith was what actually healed them not me or my stones. See a doctor – he performs the same operation on every patient , yet out of 10 , 9 live and 1 dies. Why? There is still no answer. For all he can do is believe that what he does is true and best of what he can do and just have a faith on a power – be it God , his soul or even a gemstone. His faith is what will make actually the patients get healed.

Tom and all other people out there, always look for what’s true universally perhaps some of the questions will be unanswered. Make that truth your belief and just keep faith in it. And that will work for you definitely. You wanna believe in GOD or not, your wish. But make sure if you believe in something, put some faith on it and see the miracles happen in front of you. Many a times in life, a person feels lonely. He feels like he still has a void inside him which can’t be filled. That’s nothing but a lack of faith. Your loneliness will never bother once you build this unbreakable faith castle.

Keep looking for the truth around you. In your lifetime, you will always get a truth greater than yours. Just accept and give the same amount of faith to it till you get a better truth.

I think that’s a long secret I told. But, yes it’s a secret worth to be told. I healed myself and now is your turn. “


Tom put the letter back in the diary. He was numb for rest of his window seat journey. He got his questions answered. And he had a look at the cover of diary which shook him like anything. He remembered his father’s body posture in the shop. Tom said to himself, “He never pointed in the direction of cupboard. He made himself place like the cover of this diary just to make sure I get a hint to get it. DAD your faith brought it to me anyhow. My words will be very small for what you made me now. Thank you DAD. May your soul rest in peace. ”      


Hope you loved the story. Like it, tell us how you felt in the comments section and share if you feel it can sow a positive seed in someone’s life.

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