2 Best Solutions To Every Problem A Game Creates

Let me first tell you 2 events that happen while we play games on PC:


(A person spent many days downloading his dream , oh sorry i meant game )

Wohooo, its time to bang on .

Next scene(after installing)-

The hell dude! Why did this always happen to me?? Game has stopped working.Game hangs.



Come on man, I have 2 GB NVIDIA and 8 GB of RAM and still this old game can’t get the frame rate perfect.


(A person downloaded again for many days)

Next Scene(after installing)-

The PC is dead now.My PC has 1 TB of hard disk and 8 GB of RAM .. Still 5 MB free space required. Seriously it has gone nuts. I will reinstall the game just once more.

(after infinite reinstalls)- You are fu**ed now


(Dead end for your mouse or keyboard or screen)


I am absolutely sure many of you must have faced the same problem with many of games you either get from your friend’s nth mutual friend or downloaded it sitting on stairs of your college for hours.

Let me tell you 2 solutions to it :-

(And yes they work 90% of times)

  1. Ever right clicked the game application and found this:


Yes , the troubleshoot compatibility option.

But but, do remember try to play it first without this option . If your game gives a problem of hanging or stopped working even when you just try to change the screen resolution, then run the troubleshoot compatibility by right clicking the application file .

It will take a minute or two and it will show the compatibility of the program .


Now, first test the game and then, come back and apply them to the application.


The simple explanation is when these games are created , they are created according to the latest Windows of that year. E.g.- Crysis 2 was created in 2011 which was a era of Windows 7. So, anyone who is playing it in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 will face some slow frame rates , hanging game or stopped working problem. The same goes with your MASS EFFECT Galaxy Map problem.

(Boom, my games are working now )

  1. Now mostly related to that 5mb space error .. For specially those who played black ops 1 where game can’t save in between .. And game doesn’t show resume game option.


Just right click and run as administrator.

Sometimes, your game doesn’t get all the permissions it require to play it perfectly. So, run as admin option solves these small problems many a times.

I hope you solved your problems with the post .. Hit like and comment if it saved you from breaking your head or PC .. Share with others if it can help others to save their PC accessories..


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