The Rockstar Who Had One Fan

His name was Jack. A 12 year old child who has recently discovered the love of his life- a guitar. He would play it all day long, not having the sense of anything around him. By the age of 15, he was already playing better than people who were three times more experienced. His family, teachers, friends and everybody else knew he was destined to be framed in the hall of fame. Every scale, every complex chord progression and every set of musical notations looked like cakewalk when his fingers buttered through those metal strings.

Some years later,the day came when he stepped into the studio with the fire in the soul to put his emotions into musical notes. And so he did. Expectations were high, but it all turned otherwise instead. Nobody, just nobody seemed to like his music. All 12 tracks, all those sleepless nights, all of that hard work went down the drain. The fall was so fast that before Jack could think, everything was gone.

But there was this man, Mr. Stevenson who absolutely loved his music. Mr. Stevenson was a billionaire and he lived alone. He helped Jack who was now broke and provided him with all the luxuries in the world. Jack got his own bungalow, fancy cars, own pool and a personal studio that was all his. The only thing Mr. Stevenson demanded was that Jack should keep making songs like that. Jack had only one fan but it seemed like it was all he needed.

I bet by now you have judged Jack and made a very clear perception about him. You are now either thinking that Jack is wrong or he is right.

If we analyse the type of life the Jack will now have, then it looks perfect. But what’s the guarantee that he can make those type of songs for the rest of his life. Once he loses it, he’s also gonna lose all Mr. Stevenson has given him. And if Jack decides to not to be influenced by luxuries and try making some other type of songs, being already broke what’s the guarantee that people are going to like him this time after he had disappointed them earlier. Now in fact, he’s going to have a resistance to change because why would anyone jump out of plane when it’s not on fire.

But is Jack’s dream really fulfilled? He is a music artist and he is making a living out of it, then what’s the harm? Should he drop all those pleasures just to impress a bunch of people? Or should he leave the luxuries because real luxury for him is leaving a lasting impression on people’s mind and giving them something they’ll cherish for a lifetime?

There’s a huge chance that you are Jack. You are either targeting money or audience. And there’s is nothing bad in any of those. But to decide which is better, I leave it to you.

Do let us know in comments below what did you choose. Hit like, if you felt moved. ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “The Rockstar Who Had One Fan

  1. Well, I think a man would love to jump out of the plane when its not on fire, if he likes to have some adventure…..and yeah, with a parachute, off course…..xD That parachute is the essence of the music that he loves and wants to create. The best example that we can have is the band “Linkin Park”. The six folks always jumping out of their Planes or comfort zones with their well intact parachutes. Always with something different and new in their music without tempering the essence for which they are known.

    As for Jack, definitely, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be making those type of songs for rest of his life. But, yeah, there’s a 100% guarantee that he’ll retain that essence in his songs for which he was loved by Mr. Stevenson. Coz, that’s what he is. That’s what he loves to do. And, a real artist is someone who is loved by others not for something that he creates for them, but for something that he loves to create. The something that he creates has the power to inspire other people.

    As quoted in Artifact, “Some people can really do what they think of and what they think of is special and moves other people. Those People are artists.”

    As for me, I am just a novice, just learning things. So, never expected much appreciation for my work…. xD and a big fan of urs Mr. Mak. Keep Posting more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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