Tale OF A Man Who Chose Light

It all started with the dream of a painter whose name was Sam:-


“Where the hell am I? What is this place?”

(He found himself in an art exhibition)

“This looks like an emperor’s exhibition. Everyone is wearing gold and diamond embedded dresses with those long capes.  And what the hell am I wearing? Bermuda Shorts – awesome as heaven I suppose”.

(All the people started gathering around a large canvas at the far corner of the room)


“What’s happening there? Let me go have a look. Holy Jesus, how can someone paint this? I have been painting for more than 10 years and still I can’t even imagine such a masterpiece in the corners of my mind. ”

(He got anxious)

“Who’s the painter?  Please tell me…. Who’s the painter of this masterpiece?”

(And everyone pointed their finger towards him, without even saying a word)

(Dream over)


“Where the hell am I? What is this place?”

Sam’s daughter Betti wittingly replied, “On an Emperor’s bed, Dad”.

“Oh sorry dear, I was dreaming I suppose. But guess what? I got the inspiration for my next artwork. And mark my words, this would be my best till date”

“That’s awesome, Dad.”

(Sam started his work. He was so mesmerized by the painting that he remembered almost all of the details of the painting.)

(Sam was very passionate about paintings. His every day itinerary was to make sketches, paintings, teach some students this art and watch every art exhibition possible in his city. But, he was never able to portray his art in any grand exhibition. So, he was constantly in search of such an inspiration which makes his art reach out to a lot of people. He was confident this time he would succeed.)


(Continuous effort of 3 weeks and finally, he created the painting in that same large canvas that he saw in his dream)

“Betti! Lara! Come here fast!”  He exclaimed with joy. (Lara was his wife)

(And there was that art. Everyone stood with their mouth open. They have never seen such beauty in a canvas before. Sam was appreciated by everyone who saw his art. He started feeling his dream will come true. He called the Exhibition organizers to come and approve his painting for the exhibition.)

“Sir, how did you get the idea of such an artwork? It is definitely approved and I can even watch this being placed with the famous paintings of all time in the Hall of Fame.” An Official said while watching it.

(Sam was way happy than ever before.)

(Then came the day of the exhibition. A huge van came up to Sam’s home to pick him up and his painting for the exhibition. He was an hour away from the scene he always imagined himself to be in.)

(After 2 hours)

In the exhibition area, the officials are waiting for the Van to show up. All they are talking about is about Sam and his masterpiece. And then came an official running from inside saying, “Sir, maybe we will never be able to see that masterpiece again. The van met with an accident. And sir, the artist and masterpiece…”

“What!!! What happened to Sam? ”

“Sir, Sam is alive but his work is gone.”


(Sam opened his eyes after 2 days in a hospital bed. He saw Lara and Betti crying there.)

“Lara! Betti! Where is my painting?”

(The silence of Lara and Betti gave him the answer)

He was devastated.

“Then, why did I survive? What the hell were you thinking about me God? Smashed all my dreams in a second and what can I do now? NOTHING!! ”

“Why the hell can’t I move my right hand?”

Lara said in a crying sound, “Your right hand is paralyzed permanently Sam. The doctor says you will never be able to paint again. ”

(Sam was thrashed from inside. All he thought of was about ending his life. All he could do now was watch others paint and couldn’t do nothing himself.)

(Sam accepted his miserable life and went on living like a normal person, teaching kids and students. He still went on to the exhibitions as these were the only places that made him smile.)


(One day, one of the officials who approved his painting called him and told him about an old Painter, Jack who was interested in hiring him as his assistant. Jack told that he would help Sam make that dream painting again. Plus, Sam was offered a huge amount if he would accept the offer. But, there was a clause that credit of creating the artwork would be taken by Jack and the credit of idea behind the painting would be in Sam’s Hands)

(Sam was confused now because his family’s savings were all gone in his treatment. Lara and Betti were working to meet the needs. Sam’s earnings through his teaching dropped to almost half as his body was very weak. All he thought was about another chance to make his painting reach to people’s eyes. Being confused by all this, he took the decision of accepting the offer, just for the love of his art as he had totally erased the idea of making the painting again after his life changing accident.)

Next day, Sam and Betti went on to meet Jack. In the midway, Betti asked Sam to have a coffee to which he affirmed. When Betti was getting coffee for both of them from the coffee shop, Sam saw a 10-12 year old boy hanging around with his grandfather. Sam started observing the boy and listened to the boy’s and the grandfather’s conversation-


“Grandpa, what is this shadow? Why does it always follows? ”

To this the old man replied, “Son, Shadows are meant to follow. Every person has a shadow. As soon as the light goes, they are gone too. They are temporary.

“Grandpa, what’s permanent then?”

“Your work, my child. Your work, your deeds and your actions are permanent.”

“What should I choose as work, Grandpa?”

“Your dreams son. Always choose your dreams as your work. Because your dreams will make this world a better place for you and others. ”

“Grandpa, I want to be just like Cristiano Ronaldo. I want to be called the second Cristiano Ronaldo of the world. This is my dream.”

“Remember son, it is better to live with your own identity in the world than being the shadow of someone else’s identity. You will be famous but by your name not by other’s. ”

“Ok, Grandpa. Now, let’s go home. I have to get ready for my football class.”


Betti came up with the coffee when Sam said to her, “Let’s Go home”.

“What happened now, Dad?” Betti asked, totally confused.

“Ah!! That’s a long story. I will tell you on the way back”.


Will you take the same steps Sam took at the end?

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