The Disastrous Ideal World 

Who doesn’t want a perfect and ideal world . Well, there are these people called terrorists, sociopaths , corrupt hypocrites and many others who breathe hatred. But lets just not consider them in this equation.

Now let us portray an ideal world. There are two versions of these – internal and external (if we are talking of humans) here.

Here is external :

1. All the countries are in peace, nobody has grudges against each other, everybody have let go of their war history and now nukes are the thing to generate only power and not to scare the shit out of somebody.

2. There are no poor and no rich, everybody earns a stable income and they do whatever they want to do with it.

3. Everybody gets all the facilities that humans have access to, and all countries are at same level in terms of development and technology. If some country isn’t, then everybody else is helping them.


4. For students, getting into a fancy college doesn’t matter because all the colleges are same and so is their placements.

5. Election campaigns? I don’t know if they’d happen. Since every leader is as clean and true as the other, there really isn’t a fuss about electing one.

6. There is no famous guy or suppressed guy. Both television actor and domestic worker are the same in society in terms of recognition and appreciation.

And on and on and on…

Pretty sweet na, let’s see the internal aspects-

1. People don’t fight over religions and do not impose their beliefs on anybody. Since this is happening, terrorist disappear automatically.

(I love this pic)

2. People don’t really gossip about anything or anyone because there is just no jealousy in them. There is no wicked schemes being planned at somebody’s back.

3. Everybody likes all of their neighbours and people don’t have to remember faces to whom they don’t talk to. Nobody’s in depression.

(And this one too)

4. People respond with a smile when their favourite team loses, in fact they celebrate with their rivals. Players do the same if it’s not too much.

5. The parents of the child who just passed the exams on margin are as happy as the parents of the child who scored highest.

6. All the crimes ranging from theft to rape don’t exist anymore because people have absolute control over their senses. (We need this)

7. Harmony between human and nature is blooming because there is simply no scope of greed and obsession in people.

And on and on and on…

Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela, Teresa, Luther King Jr. and all the other famous leaders would be so proud of us. This is what they always wanted and they died doing this.

But I bet you felt that this might get a little boring after some time. Now don’t think that am promoting the crimes and war and mayhem. Obviously am against all that, and I belong to the same group of people who work for a better future.

Why would you want to work hard when you know you would be equally treated as the guy who is lazy. When the rewards and success is same, what would be the boost that’ll make you work harder and spend sleepless nights?

My say is let’s stop trying so hard. Work but don’t suffer. Cheer, feel down but don’t cry. Fall in Love, break up, patch up, again break up and keep the hope of love alive in your heart. Feel jealous but don’t show it. Use it as motivation for yourself. Be addicted and keep obsessions but only for good things and deeds. Rise above others and get success but don’t get lost in your ego and remember your roots. Remember to celebrate but also remember to serve.

Perfection is not what human race is meant for. Striving for it, breaking limits, never reaching it and doing this all over again is what we are meant for. If somebody wants to do something good, somebody has to be evil to justify the law of nature.

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