Gamification: The Future of the World

Let’s start it like this:

1. Are you standing in a queue to buy tickets for a movie or for boarding metro, consider a ticket vending machine that allows you to first pay for the ticket and shoot a zombie on the screen to get the ticket (Quite better than the traditional methods).

2. Is it the time to clean your house? Are you giving those sad looks to the vacuum cleaner? What if that vacuum cleaner comes with a VR headset that shows your home as a dungeon full of tiny monsters and you have a weapon to kill all of them- Your Cleaner (If this happens, then Resume of various people will shine with CLEANING written in bold in interests section).


3. What if you had a Multi-mode laser gun to operate your TV? (This got way funny)

4. Do you feel that unboxing is so boring? What if you have to solve a small puzzle to make it open automatically?


You know the best idea I want to work upon:

Real life simulation of Call of duty Series


Think upon it. You and your friends gear up yourselves with some goggles that create a virtual simulation of the real world objects. And now, it is time to start the special operation with weapons and the mission success is yours responsibility.

The point is I want the world to be gamified. Gamified for better.

Games have proven to be revolutionary at many times. If you seriously don’t believe me, see these real world examples:

  • Foldit

For 15 years, many of the top PhD Scientists in the world were trying to decipher a crystal structure for one of the AIDS-causing viruses called the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (M-PMV), but could not solve it.

Luckily, the University of Washington’s Center for Game Science collaborated with the Biochemistry department and created FoldIt, an online puzzle video game about protein folding. Foldit utilizes a game-like puzzle interface that allows people from all over the world to “play” and compete in figuring out various protein structures that fit a researcher’s criteria.


To everyone’s surprise, with over 240,000 “players” registering for the game and competing viciously against each other, a solution to the structure of the M-PMV was found in 10 days, creating a major breakthrough in the AIDS research field. 15 Years vs 10 Days? I would say for this alone Gamification added extremely concrete value to the world and could one day save a loved one.


  • SuperBetter


SuperBetter is a web-based game built by author and TED speaker Jane McGonigal designed to get you on the road towards being a smarter, stronger, more resilient, and an overall better person. And once you sign up, you can choose a goal you want to work towards, and add “quests” to your account that you can complete to work your way there. As you complete quests and inspire other people with your progress, you’ll earn points in different character areas, like mental, emotional, social, and physical resilience. Once you select your goal, you can add quests and create your own adventure, or you can choose a “power pack” that’s a bundle of quests, activities, and “bad guys,” (or things that stand in your way) that will help you get started.

  • Zombie Run


How many a times have you been chased by zombies in your dreams? This game by Nike keeps notifying you that the zombies are trying to catch you. Don’t look back and just run. The perfect idea to make people run daily. Isn’t it?


This is a whole new realm we have opened. Anything looks boring around you- just gamify it and see the fun gathering around. Many of the companies are working on this vision called GAMIFICATION.

Highway Signpost Gamification

It’s a vision to make our lives better and much interesting in every way.

Nothing can teach you much better than games can. You have tackled the most unexpected situations in shooting games. You took the decisions in Watchdogs, Batman Arkham series or any other game and the story depended on your decision. You survived in the deadliest times in Fallout series. Got the point? They enhanced your skills without even making you notice them out. And so happens with everyone out there.


So, keep enchanting the ideas in your mind and try creating it the fun way. Make people play and watch them change the world themselves.

Happy Gaming!!









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