That Amazing Hug

There’s a friend of mine who has gone cities away to study for four years. Every six months, he visits us for 15-20 days and then goes away for another six months. I always look forward to his visit. More than all the extremely fun and crazy things that we do in between those days, I love the day he comes and departs. Because of a simple ritual. A Hug. There is this energy flowing in his and mine body that I get to feel during that three second ritual.
That energy is surely special. That three seconds make me feel that am closer emotionally to him than I am to people with whom I spend the most of my time. That time of meeting and departing seems to hold everything in between it that gets me so closer to him.

Days ago, Eid was being celebrated all around the world. Not taking in regard all the animals that are brutally murdered on that day, I really love the ritual of people hugging each other after their prayers. I only wish they could hug their animals the same way instead of causing that inhuman activity. Not only Eid, there are a number of festivals around the world when we hug our loved ones. The power of this simple deed is often overlooked.

Psychology is filled with the miraculous and healing powers of a hug. It has shown to cure diseases and depression more effectively than hardest and hardest of drugs. Whether we are happy, sad, down, depressed, stressed out or excited; a hug do wonders for us. It unlocks those doors of feelings that might take days of meditation to reach.

However, we all know how distant and hollow we all have got from inside. We share a thousand emotions and feelings on that chat box but hardly any is shown through our expressions and actions. Talk about hug, these days a hug is basically bumping your opposite shoulder and placing hand on lower back. When some people are shown wide arms coming towards them, they rather get defensive and take a kungfu position ready to thump their shoulder in the chest of the person.

I won’t do motivating here, but my friend would be just round the corner of the street now. And I can’t wait to meet him.

5 thoughts on “That Amazing Hug

  1. I can relate to you completely ..Evem im an outsider in Delhi and never miss a chance to make an escape from delhi to my place ….i just can not wait to meet my besties , family n yeah frenmies too…
    Btw nice article …

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