The Loop Of Destruction

I know most of you are guessing what this will be about. What is this loop of destruction? How does it relate to us?

Believe me, it has everything to do with us, especially for the future of humans.

Lets make it simple:-

How many of you have played these games- Halo, Dead Space 3 etc.

If not, then remember the 2nd movie of Avengers Series- The age of Ultron or the Bollywood movie- Robot.


Is there something common in endings of these?

Yes, there is.

What did they show us? May be the truth where we are leading our humankind.

Still didn’t get it??

In Age of Ultron, they try to create a machine that is most powerful and what happens at the end? It has to be destroyed at all cost. Same goes with Robot.

What happened in Halo? We have to destroy the Halo at any cost, which was once a weapon useful for us.

What are we leading to? Yes, towards the destruction of our own creations at the end.


Look at the pace, the technology is learning new things. I am 200% sure, it won’t take more than some 300-400 years where we will create humanoids (blend of robots and humans). And of course, the AI will develop them to have a thought process just like humans. Then, we won’t remember the 3 constraints that were created when ROBOTICS was defined.

For sure they will understand the bounds they are imposed with. Then what? A fight for freedom or provide them the equal rights and equal space. Then, what? Can we humans agree to that? Or will we end up destroying them?

If you ask my opinion, these games and movies guess it right. We will end up destroying them.

Imagine If there exist a GOD and he does the same. First he creates us and now, he wants to destroy us.

Why? Why will he do that?


It is said by many philosophers out there that nature (call it God or nature, your call) will bring everything back to zero. Why so?

Because it is the aura of this earth that is being disturbed. And it is not just about pollution, global warming or any physical factor. It’s way more than that. It has everything to do with our actions. How much seconds do we live without technology? We prefer to use 13 megapixel cameras to watch things instead of our eyes which will give a clarity of 5000 megapixels and that too with a great experience in your mind that can’t be captured by your phone or camera. We have bounded our happiness to those social platforms. What are we radiating? A negative energy towards the aura of nature.


I am not against Growth. I am just worried of blind growth. The creations that take so much years of effort and creativity to build. How dreadful will it be to destroy these by your own hands?

We create and we destroy.

An infinite loop of destruction I should say as there is no creativity that will be able to live till the end.

Do comment your views wholeheartedly. We will really appreciate that.



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