Just For Your Smile…

Human nature is very strange. Understanding it is almost impossible. Nothing can predict what we are going to do next, what state of mood we are in and what might fuel us to go for the impossible. Like animals, we don’t have fixed habits that rule most of our species. Sometimes, we might wait for years and years for lightning to strike us and some odd day we would really find that magical purpose for which we would do anything. 

One of these purposes or motivation could be somebody’s smile. We have seen stories like these around us – a lazy procrastinator who believes his bed is his soulmate suddenly starts doing things that he would’ve never thought of. Why? He is pumped to see the smile of that person. 

That person is not necessarily ‘the special person’. It could be the family, his parents, his children or even the people who have nothing to do with him but he just wants to help them. Now, this can be both a blessing and curse to that person. 


Imagine that person is the lazy procrastinator that we just talked of. Now whether it is somebody’s smile or anything else, it actually got him off his ass and now he’s doing something productive. Working for himself or others, he is now actually walking if not jogging. And that is a huge thing. Somebody’s smile became his internal motivation that can’t be doused.

 All these people involved in social work. They are a blessing to themselves and all the other people. And the smile on somebody’s faces is what moves them more than anything else. We need more and more people like these. 


I bet most of us would be able to connect this to ourselves or somebody else easily. You are not that lazy donkey and you are already motivated to do something big in your life. And if your fate is dipped in poison, then your own family would be standing in your way. You can’t see them sad and they can’t see you doing that thing. They have made a mindset about the thing which is right for you, and they would do everything possible to change your mind. We should understand that they want the best for us only.

 Most of us people often surrender at this point. We respect the ones who made us who we are today and can’t live that glory life without them. 

 In all, it is really not that bad to say that what makes up humans, often f**ks us badly. But that is who we are, we sacrifice big things for small pleasure and still lay on those deathbeds smiling.


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