Maybe, We are not alone

There was a guy Philip who was being awarded with Entrepreneur Of the Year Trophy in London.

After the award ceremony, he was called for an interview in New York to which he agreed without any second thought.

Now, he was in New York and the interview went like this:

Interviewer: So Philip, How does it feel to receive the biggest honor of your life?

Philip: You won’t believe but I still pinch myself every hour as i still feel myself in some kind of dream. I can’t explain what it means to me.

Interviewer: Your facial expressions are doing that for you, i suppose. So, anything else you wish for in your life?

Philip: Yes, I wish my parents and my younger brother were alive to celebrate the moment. But, unfortunately, maybe it was destined to happen it like this. But, I know they are always there with me.

Interviewer: Yes, they are always there you Mr. Philip. Can you tell me about the hardest decision of your life that you feel was the main key to your success.

Philip: The hardest decision for me was to start my venture. I still remember the day when my parents died. I had a decent management job at that time and i was way satisfied with it. I don’t know what happened to me after their tragic accident. Life looked to me as a burden. Something that has to be just spent now. I missed the fruit of my life. I never ever thought of being an entrepreneur.

Then, there came a Sunday when i woke up and felt a kind of numb. I still can’t figure out why it happened with me. But, i had my breakfast and went on a walk for the whole day in the city. And believe me, i was the laziest being at that time in terms of body fitness and other stuff. I enjoyed sundays just watching movies. That one walk gave me something that made me what I am today. Even today, i get goosebumps what if i never had that state of mind on that particular SUNDAY.




(And the interview continues)

(After the interview ends)

Philip took a taxi to airport. All he was thinking about was his parents and his younger brother, John.

He arrived at the airport and paid the taxi fare. Philip was on his way towards the entry gate when he heard his taxi driver shouting his name,”Philip Sir, You forgot a letter in there.”

Philip was confused as he didn’t get a letter that day and the letter had the present date.

He opened up the letter and read this:

“Philip, It was us who did it for you. We had the power to change your life’s timeline. This power, for deciding what should happen with a person, is granted to everyone after death. We changed your mind on that Sunday son. “

From John , Mom and DAD


AND Philip was sweating now. He threw the paper and rushed to the airport immediately.


What did the letter mean? Can you all think about it?

Do the ghosts live on this land only? What’s the truth?

May be the lines written on that letter are true. May be we are converted into an extra dimensional being when we die. And, these extra dimensional beings are paired with a human to control the timeline of their lives.

Endless questions arise on this thing,right . Imagine if its true.May be the so called,Ghosts that are portrayed in the horror movies, are fake. May be they are really like someone that is portrayed in Interstellar:

Maybe, They are the ones that made an Apple fall on Newton’s head and made him think about the gravity. May be, they are the one who helped Wright Brothers to think of creating an airplane. And if you think, this list goes on.


May be, all these revolutions that happened are nothing but the ideas that they implanted in our mind. 





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