It’s not lack of Knowledge, It is lack of Dreams

Heard of Elon Musk? The guy is a living legend. He is the founder of PayPal, chairman of SolarCity, co-chairman of OpenAl, CEO of Tesla motors and CEO of SpaceX. All of these fields are entirely different from each other but he has managed to defy the common proverb “Jack of all trades, King of none”. Getting to the core of what makes him what he is, is an attitude. He is a listener, more apt to say an absorber. In any sort of company of people, he has a talent to squeeze out every ounce of the knowledge and wisdom of the person talking to him.

Let’s take an example of a beautiful country called India. Extremely diverse but over- stuffed. From the very childhood, the most common topic that a person writes on is excess population. The conclusion to every such article is that illiteracy is the culprit. Seems legit, but not completely right.

Most of the people here who are above 30 and still bachelor are treated with an uncomfortable and irritating suspicion, pointing straight to their character. People here have a common trend of living. Study till 24-25 or till 28 (nerd, Ha!), get married and spend the rest of your life raising your kids and your income size.

What am getting at with Elon Musk and India’s population is the fact that knowledge is a bridge. Bridge which takes you from ignorance to the bliss of awareness. But it is never the destination. People can force you to walk down that bridge through their pair of shoes and there’s a chance you still feel no good. One step forward at a time but eyes on the target.

Elon Musk and many greats do not come from a fancy background. The legends didn’t have hunger of knowledge. They had hunger of dreams, their purpose and the never dying will to bring about a change. Once you see your dream clearly, one way or another you will find a way to make your own damn bridge. You may fail making it, but watch some motivational shit to make you start again. Because it is way better than moving up a bridge which you don’t know why you are on and end up at a place as gloomy as the other side.

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