The Art of Fulfilling Yourself

Some years back, i was attending a lecture on HUMAN VALUES where the lecturer told about the current mind state of people in different countries and then, the combined mind state of humans.

He quoted the statement,”We may have evolved physically but if you ask mentally…!!! We now lack the power to go beyond your limits. We TRY to fake our fulfillment. We have stopped the process of CREATION.

Why a great number of inventions happened in 19th and 20th century? And why not now? It isn’t about that there is nothing left. Its much of that we have created our own boundaries.”


I really appreciate the students who opt FINE ARTS, be it designing, creating music, art or anything. It makes them keep pushing themselves, always. A beautiful message was given in the Bollywood movie: 3 idiots-

“Sir, here students just talk either on jobs or to get great marks. No one thinks about creating something new.”


But, ever wondered why? Why we converted like this? What’s the reason?

We as humans have some basic needs at different levels:

  • To have uncertainty in our lives

(We love surprises of course. Imagine if you will know everything. BORED!!!)

  •  To be felt as important and unique by anyone

(This is the most correct need of humans, if you ask me)

  • We want to be feel loved

(And you all know how much it is important in today’s time 😛 )

Now, these are something we achieve anyhow in our lives(Everyone Does). But our internal satisfaction, the joy of fulfillment where you feel your own self as complete. How do we achieve that??

There are only 2 needs you want to be complete:

  • To grow, always.


  • And, to contribute.

What do successful people and fulfilled people do when they achieve every materialistic dream they had? They keep growing and try to leave something for better of this world (that’s contribution).

You will feel loved, you will have surprises in life but nothing amazes you after a period of time. You will be in new relationships, new city, buy a new house, get a better pay and it goes on and on…

There are some who are DOING this to fill the void inside them and then, there are others who are GETTING this permanently.

Your inner fulfillment(the bliss that you want in life) is an art and it has only one way- grow and push yourself beyond your limits.


AND Your life will give you millions of moments to remember when you will be taking your last breath.





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