Patriotism, International brotherhood OR Something More?

Recently, India conducted so-called Surgical strikes on Pakistan which was intended with the revenge of attacks that Pakistani terrorists did on Indian territory. One thing that was more louder than the thunder of thousand bullets being fired at those borders was the cheer and applause of the nation. When those soldiers were losing their lives and their families were sent into a shock, what most of the people were doing was updating their social media status loaded with sad smileys which is meant to show how bad they feel. Victory is counted in terms of who lost least soldiers. So, if we killed 100 of them on account of 90 of us, congrats our mission was successful.

So much money is spent on soldiers, armors, big daddy Nukes as an insurance and warning to the others of our kind that we are stronger and you cannot mess with us. Alliances are being formed and we are betraying our roots of humanity with such a grace.

Let me make it easier for you. Imagine you have a brawl with a guy in your neighborhood. Very cool, the whole family will turn up of yours and of him to fight. Now if that fight is of a one state to other, that neighborhood guy would be fighting alongside you and you both would be fighting for each other. Countries, shit called patriotism, you would really now cope up well with that guy from other state whom you wanted to hurt. Let’s go imaginary, fight with aliens and now all countries would be one to protect our territory Earth. It’s not at all difficult to race the horses of our mind and imagine some levels beyond it too.

Movies and media on religion and countries are the biggest culprit of this human habit that we want to take sides and win. A movie called ‘Airlift’, which is all about how a single man’s effort rescued all Indians from a war country. What about the people of other countries who were still in there and dying? And tell you, how successful that movie was.

It is totally upon where we set our borders, physically and mentally. According to me, there should be none.

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