Where it all starts?

You know what is the root of everything you experience?

I won’t tell it right now. Let me make it more interesting.

A student orientation program commences in a university campus. Every student is asked to introduce him/herself and tell where do they see themselves in 10 years? The answers were pretty much expected. 


Some of them being:-

  • I see myself working in a foreign Multinational company.
  • I see myself earning a hell lot of money.
  • I see myself driving a Lamborghini.

And the answers went on and on….

Now, the external energies work for 2-3 years and here is what happens inside their mind after this time passes:


  • I should start preparing for govt. jobs.
  • I won’t be able to get a decent job, may be I should go for masters.
  • I just want a decent job now.
  • I can’t get a job, let’s start a venture and try our luck. Maybe we’ll get somewhere. 

Don’t get me wrong but this is what majority of students think.

And they keep running, for years, to cope up with this stress of spending the life happily. 


If you are still doubtful on my statement, then why are there thousands of applicants over vacancies of just hundreds. Why every 2nd-3rd guy chooses the common fields like Engineering, Medical Sciences or opt for Govt. jobs? Why do we end up just trying to meet the ends?

You know where it actually starts?

It starts from your own THOUGHTS. Yes, you heard it right.

Why do ISIS exist? You know where it started from. It emerged as just a mere thought in someone’s mind who just assumed he/she was not treated equally by others. And guess the interesting part, it was an assumption, not reality.

The day we are born, we keep saving the audio files sent by others, in our brains. And we make up our mind according to that. Ask a 5-6 years old kid about his/her dreams and then, ask a 20 year old about the same. Latter one explains his dreams as more realistic ones. He/she will say that life is not like the dreams we see and we have to compromise with many things. I say we have shattered our dreams and that too on our own.


Do you often see people debating over not having enough money in their lives? And what they end up saying is that its bad to have a lot of money because of blah blah reasos. Endless reasons are given for fake satisfaction. This thought of hating something is what pushes us far from that thing. Thoughts are the true seeds of your life.

A religion was also a mere thought in order to give a new way of life to people. A Search Engine named Google was also a thought that became the biggest empire today.

I have seen many people with great talents but when they end up saying that they don’t want to grow further in their respective fields and they are happy with what they have, it really makes me sad. Just don’t ever limit yourself. We are going to be the next generation who will be teaching the upcoming generation about life. Do you want the same to happen with them?

Don’t let your thoughts be destroyed by others’ lives or words. Don’t let the thoughts like,”I can’t”, arrive in your mind anyhow. If you have a dream, go for it and let the seeds grow. Keep giving them the energy they require and someday, you will sow the seeds in others, to make them start their lives again and in a better way.



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