Religion Of Fear

Everyone has grown up hearing stories about GOD and his different forms, about Theories of Existence of the Universe, the Galaxies, Solar systems, Earth and ultimately the most complex creature, HUMAN. It is something that always creates curiosity in our minds. Isn’t it?

But I have a doubt … If GOD is the creator of this universe, then has he created just one?

Grasp the following example–

If you like to paint, then will you just make one piece of art and spend rest of the life watching it?



(You must be thinking I am moving on to the concept of Multiverse and something beyond time and all that stuff … Doctor Strange got on your mind, may be. But, its not about that.)

And then if GOD can create all these never-ending and vast spaces, then he will also have the power to destroy all of these in an instant. If he can destroy all these, what can he do to us? The mere thought of it is scary.



I have talked to some people who follow their religions very strictly. Once, I asked them the reasons for all this. And they told me that if they won’t do it, they will be cursed by the Almighty. They will have to face the wrath in ever-existing place called HELL. And they even warned me to follow these, otherwise it will be a Great SIN against GOD.


Of course, we are not created to just pray the Ultimate Power. If it was so, we would not have been provided with the power of knowledge and couldn’t have written this. People say there are almost 250 religions in this world. I say there is another one and which is connected to every religion, its the Religion of Fear. 

We Fear because we ASSUME that GOD will bring calamity in our lives if we break their laws or do some bizarre mistakes. Its again the same thing, we ASSUME. 

May be, GOD is there just to nurture us. May be, HE is just an observer. HE is just there to maintain the balance of the Multiverse.  


Humans do make mistakes, learn from it and keep changing and evolving. And GOD has nothing to do with it. Our mistakes and creations get back to us in some other form. And it isn’t coming from some machine that takes on stimulus energy from every human being and give responsive energy after some time span. Our energies are not confined to this planet and this energy has everything to do with us. And this is what KARMA is. It emerges from you and ends at you. 

Don’t bind yourself with the rules . The world is known for the people who break the bounds laid upon them. Because they understand it very well that one can’t achieve GREATEST HEIGHTS in life if he/she has seed of fear still growing inside.

4 thoughts on “Religion Of Fear

  1. God and his existence,the fear of religion are the things which have been hampering the sapiens since the time we came into being,but what i believe is that the concept of religion was made not to stagnate but to empower the humans.Very well written. Kudos !!

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  2. I don’t know about others but in Hinduism, if you read Gita it is written that God is out of this 3 dimensional world. And he is just an observer. And moreover, we are not his creation, we are a part of Him. It’s like, He is a big pool of cosmic energy and we were that small portion that got into this material world. And, Gita strictly DENIES following rules and regulation of these soo called demi gods. There’s only one ultimate truth, you can call him Krsna, God head, Supreme, Truth….. Whatever.

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    1. Thanks so much uday .. That’s what people need to understand … We have been doing literal things instead of understanding the concept ..


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