Where Does the Death Takes You?

You had something in your mind when you read this, didn’t you? Some pre-made notions or things that you’ve been told to believe in. Maybe some paths that you need to follow here which will ultimately change the place where you go. We dream of a city on clouds and living with Angels and Gods. Birds chirping, lovely weather and the ideal world that ‘you’ have always imagined. Or you may dream of a fire red place, ugly creatures screaming, some of them being boiled in some oil and a black devil with horns who’ll haunt you. Is that grave or fire, really the gateway to an entirely new place?

However, most of us do not really care about death. We are just afraid of it. And never really put so much of an effort to find out where do we go when we sleep forever. There’s actually no problem in that because there is no defined way to know. You can only assume and make theories. Do the power of our thoughts work in that world too? Will we go there where we believe we would go? If this happens, then certainly everybody’s reaching an entirely different place.

Maybe the ones who have died are giving us answers in some sort of signs. And we are just not developed enough to read them. Many religion says that this all is a cycle. A cycle of life and death around which the soul keeps on moving forever. Many teachings are based on the motive to get rid of this cycle of life and death, and attain the ultimate truth. Then what? And please tell me where is this soul manufacturing machine.

Eminem says in his famous track ‘Mockingbird’

Maybe one day we’ll wake up and this will all be just a dream.

In a simple one line, Eminem gave his theory. What if all that we are is somebody’s dream. They go to sleep, we are born and they wake up, we die. And what if they are also somebody’s dream. And this layers goes on like the layers of the multiverse. Maybe we become what we call aliens of different dimensions when we die.

Well who knows what happens. I have mine theory. You make yours. Imagine if what we think will really be the reality of our death. And for the time being we still have no answer to where does all that energy, passion and lifetime of memories go when we die.

Share your theories with us. And do hit the like button. It’s the simplest way to make us smile. 

5 thoughts on “Where Does the Death Takes You?

  1. Soul is energy and by simple physics laws, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. So soul is indestructible. Now when we die the soul goes to a place in the cosmos according to its energy level. Like an electron goes to the orbital with suitable energy our soul also tend to do so. Now the yogis and gurus who meditate in order to attain multi try to increase the energy level of their soul to break the threshold to escape this circle of life and death and attain a place in eternal universe, above our universe- called GOKUL in Gita.

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  2. Article is good and Intresting. But lacks the professionalism and reference. It is also clear and easy understandable.

    It does catch the eye of the reader but lacks material of research to support it.

    Good effort though

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    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback ahsan. Am glad you read it. And I think since it was all theories and fictional, must research couldn’t help. Buy yeah, point noted. Thanks a lot. Cheers!!


      1. Welcome, Looking forward for improvements. By any chance if you have time Do read my Article on Individuality of a Great Personage.

        I need your perspective on how to improve it. One thing is for sure. I do not follow the 500 Words article size.


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