Our Famous Perfect God

There are a million ways I can tell you this because there are actually so many ways that I’ve seen different people see God so differently.

Did you catch something in the last line. Why is the ‘g’ alphabet in God written in uppercase. Why is there so much hype and importance about finding a person called God? You know why? Because we all want to know the answers. Answers to million of questions of the ones who are just not ignorantly passing their life.

Science says ‘No to God’. Yet many revolutionary scientists have said that more they study the universe, the more they believe in God. If this was a debate, an atheist would quickly shoot up to say that everything that we are not yet able to understand is termed the ‘Will of the Almighty’. Science will eventually reach there.

People have lost their lives in making others realise that the type of God they are believing in is right. Some have based their whole life on it. Every holy book do says ‘God is one’. Some of them also says that the almighty have no fixed form, he is multidimensional (anyways, why not she?), he looks over us and blah blah blah. We are not different from God, we are all part of a supreme cosmic energy, we need to surrender to him, we need to learn how to see him inside us and the goal of our lives is enlightenment. This swells my head up making me feel like I should now consult a yogi before a psychiatrist. Though, there might be no loss in that if that yogi himself knew what he was doing.

We see him, the God as the Mr. Perfect, spend our time praying to him and chanting the tales and songs of his life as loudly as we can right into his ears. The one who needs to hear them is us. If in all the years that we have sang those songs, we actually meant a single one then things would’ve been very different. Some people actually have self made achievements. Must’ve seen people talking like, ” I’ve read that holy book 3 times now. And now I can finish that in so less time.” Clearly think upon all that you read and sing to him, you’ll find beautiful messages in each of them. Some of those messages also tell you to not pray the God the way you are praying.

A friend of mine told me this,

We are not his biggest creations, infact he is our best creation. 

Seems so true if you think. What haven’t we done for him. Built him temples, worship him everyday, we give the first bite of our meal to him and we don’t work on so many days of the year because it is his birthday, anniversary or something. What I can also clearly say is that dude is just watching. He is observing. Scribbling notes of what we are doing. Or just plainly sitting there, yawning and again watching. Our lives are maybe different channels of his television. But still, he is just watching.

Because if he was controlling all this, we would never have had all the pain, miseries and all the goddamn problems in the world. If still he is controlling, then the guy needs to hire somebody because he is risking so many lives each day. He might be the creator but it looks like he don’t really like us anymore. He did created us with enthusiasm, but what if he has just lost interest.

Human race is the example of miracle. And the place from where we are drawing hope, energy and faith is also a miracle. Nobody confirms the God, but believing in him makes people do so many incredible things. That’s the power of faith, sadly not the power of God.

If you still wanna follow the holy books, very well. They are exceptional books written by exceptional authors. But those authors weren’t God.

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