What will make it Worth??

Some months back, I was on my first trek with two of my friends. We had 7 kms of trek on the first day and as it was our first one, we had no limits of excitement.

At the starting point, we put on our backpacks and started the journey. Our excitement wrapped up in the first 50m. We just saw each other and everyone had the same expression: “WE ARE DOOMED!!!”

Our trek instructor motivated us every time. I still remember his words – “Don’t worry .. Every machine takes time to get normal here. Just keep it working”. We kept on moving. Half way through, we got a glimpse of the mountains.. (want to see??)


We again saw each other but this time we uttered in our minds – “This is what makes all that worth”


Are you the one who, sometimes, unknowingly starts smiling just before sleeping, feel that ultimate bliss while sitting alone at a bench, gets tears of joy while remembering your good memories. Do you know why it happens? Why are we filled with such great emotions at random times?


Its the JOURNEY that fills you. Its the JOURNEY that makes your position worth. Its never the position or power that gives you bliss. We cannot live our life at a single place or same position of our mind. Human life has a need – A need to move. And do you know the irony – We are programmed in a way that we crave for certain destinations in life.

We are motivated by those who have a life from nothing to something. Its their journey that inspires us and may be even themselves – Be it Shahrukh Khan or APJ Abdul Kalam.


We prepare for our exams and when we get the desired results, we feel so much happy. We enjoy it because all our hard work paid off. Every Entrepreneur felt the same when his company shifted from the tag of Startup to a Corporation.

Start enjoying this journey of life. We will become Founders, Artists, Developers. But you won’t stop after getting that tag along with your name, will you? These positions can satisfy us for a day or two, not for our whole life.


Don’t just idealise a life based on fame or power or money. Idealise the journey of someone’s life. Because at the end, THE ROAD will make you realise the purpose of your life.





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