Value The Real Artist, Not Reel Artist

How many times have you gone and asked Google about everyone who were involved in the making of your favourite movie. Handsome actors, cute actresses and some people also know directors. Apart from that, nothing. Ever wondered about that genius who wrote that amazing story? Every wondered about the guy who gave such a soulful music that it made you cry? Ever wondered about those make-up artists who transformed your so called celebs into those shiny things? Ever given a thought to dailogue writer whose words you repeat, day and night. No, you only like those actors.

With no offense to actors and their art, those guys are paid money to portray what they are not, to speak what they hardly feel and to show love that they don’t feel. They are basically experts in making fool. How badly you want those two people to be together forever after you see a movie, how badly you want your stories to be just like theirs and then boooom, Google says they have had bad chemistry on the sets.

If you try to test this next statement, you’ll thank me. All those emotional and heart wrenching scenes would hardly be the same without that soulful background music. You can listen to that music alone and still cry, but you can’t watch that scene in mute. But did all those artists, all those experts of their instruments ever get recognition? Come on, we only watch those awards to hear who’s the best actor, best actress and which is the best movie.

Mary Kom, the legendary first Indian female boxer who won five world championships and bronze medal at Olympics didn’t earn that much money in her lifetime, which the actress Priyanka Chopra earned just by doing a biopic on her. We humans also love to just lick the shiny parts. If you watch any biopic or read a biography, you’ll know a crowd of people whose mentorship and guidance changed the life of that person. Spare a thought for that cricket coach who convinced M.S. Dhoni to try his hands at cricket, and look what he created. But do those coaches, teachers, believers ever get that recognition? You must be tired of saying no.

It’s time we start thanking the roots and the supports that has made the tree what it is today. There are people who are truly great, but the world doesn’t know them because everyone is busy licking the shiny part.

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