Your Horoscope or Horror-scope

A newspaper is thrown at every house in the morning. People prepare morning tea to enjoy reading the paper. The whole paper takes an hour or so to complete. Our eyes keep on scanning the whole manuscript and the brain throws an immediate error as soon as eyes catch the HOROSCOPE word.



(Believe it or not, it happens. We have to either order ourselves to let go of it, or say at least once that you know you don’t believe in it)

Human Being- the ultimate creation till date(as said by humans only).(I just wonder if other animals also consider themselves the same).

This is for sure that we are not the ultimate creation . We, may be, the seeds of the ultimate creation or an intermediate state. But, at present, we have limitations- both physical and mental. Our mind immediately throws an exception as soon as it receives some special triggers. And the best trigger being the eagerness to find what lies in your life ahead.

If you are a teacher, just try this once with your classmates. Tell them that you found some cool stuff that determines the personality or future- be it numerology, moon signs, reading palms or anything. You will see a different aura of your classroom then. 


Its not just about students. Many superstars and celebrities change their names because of the numerology stuff. Many directors and producers add an extra alphabet in movie’s name just to make sure it is lucky as per the numerology. Many rituals are followed by people just to make sure the gravity of planets don’t affect their future.If you seek out the reality, many of them are followed without any strong reason of their existence. Heard about Palmistry? The lines on your palms that are responsible just to keep your palm skin intact for years are considered as the destiny you came along with.

Why are we so much desperate about what awaits in the future? Why do we always make wish to a shooting star for the best of our future?(Oh wait!!! That star might be millions of years old.. So, are you making wish to a DEAD STAR? And do you often do it?) Why do people become great philosophers when they are asked about life?


The science of planets affecting our lives might be true at some point as they are derived with proper mathematical laws and concept of gravity. But there is no practical proof. We know a lot of theories that can determine someone’s future, but do we need them?

Just try to observe how much active we get whenever we come across the triggers. And may be, you too will know the limits of being Humans.

It would be awesome if you guys share your observations with us here in the comments. Do like and let us know if it touched your corner of mind.

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