The Blinding Spotlight – Fame

‘Fame’… Probably the most common mail to God after money. A thousand or more people screaming your name, standing in queues just to get a sight of you, going to sleep thinking about you and irritating Google by continuously asking your details. It’s a no brainer that hardly anyone would deny it. All of it lies in that moment when you realise that people want to live your life, sometimes even your mistakes. 

The people who gets famous or are famous, do something that the world hasn’t expected. Now the funny part today is you never know that the next name in the ‘trending’ list might be yours. A chef sprinkles salt in an odd manner, a guy sings a lame song called PPAP or even a guy in a Pakistani village preparing tea, it looks like the world will go frenzy over basically anything now. What quickly follows with fame is money, because there are just too many people who’d like to use your face value.

Just when the world had so many talented movie stars, rockstars, artists and entrepreneurs, trends changed. For people who are not God gifted or talented enough to make a name for themselves started using other ways of getting famous, one of the most recent and famous being pranks. With the YouTube dominating over our fat-ass television sets, people now try to do basically anything that they feel would make the people click on their video. Most of the time, they don’t even think of the consequences. Youtuber called ‘Crazy Sumit’ decided to catch the headlines by kissing random girls without their consent.

To be honest, I never got the reason why people get crazy when they see the person in front of them whom they saw on television. Actors, Sportspersons, Rockstars – they are just doing their job, right? So are doctors, scientists, artists. But loading one set of people with so much money and fame sounds bullshit to me. And this is the reason why so many people just follow them blindly, to get the taste of that fame and see their name in the hall of fame. 

Uncountable number of awards held for best actor, best this, best that shit. Is there one for best doctor or best teacher. There might be, but we all know how much recognised that is. Then we also love to hear their stories, and shed tears on hearing how much they did to reach that stage. Go to a poor man in a slum and ask him how is he surviving, that’ll help more if tears are your priority.

At the time when countries around the world are facing crisis, ISIS are busy building their own game, people dying in civil wars, the wheel of the earth going backwards and world leaders caring more about their Forbes ranking; we need to move ahead of sharing cute dog videos and help people who are actually fighting for others. Because they are lost and their number is falling.

Saved the best for the last. I am amused to hear from famous people that they crave for a normal life. Boomerang stone, Booom!!

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Images source – Google 

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