The Void In Contentment

Remember these dialogues from the cult classic movie – “Fight Club”. Read the last line of the right hand side pic. We are slowly learning a fact. A fact that we are gonna end up living a 2-BHK life. A fact that we will piss us off daily just for some money to travel once in 6 months or a year, may be. Be honest with yourself for a moment and think about it. Where are your actions leading you?

I recently read an answer on Quora about a guy who works in a service based company. He explained his office routine. 90% of his time is constituted with social networking sites, movies, youtube and ‘n’ number of things. And he is still doing that for more than 2-3 years. The biggest irony is unleashed now – He may had been the person(or student) who had craved to be a part of this MNC.


Now the doubt arises here – Imagine yourself in the same situation (especially for those aim to be a part of some great Giants in their respective industry). Won’t you be pissed of yourself and your life? (To be very honest, i cannot handle this routine for more than a month). Observe and you will see that 80% of people in this world are pissed and frustrated but they grabbed the power of contentment somehow and show as if they are happy with whatever they have.

A week before, i saw 2 girls of age, hardly 11-12 years, living in a very deprived rural area. I observed them for a minute or so. They were playing with their toys. After some moments, a girl turned and looked at me. And i saw a great 36-inch smile on her face. (You don’t see such true smiles of happiness now). That smile didn’t have a single glimpse of the lack of basic amenities she had. Is she contented with her life too?


I am still unable to scale the lives of the working guy and that girl with same definition of satisfaction.

We all are blind athletes of our lives. We run for our lives, that’s it. We are those Poker players who love(really?) to play blind everytime. Be it millions or billions – the race ends with top 3 only. We don’t finish up at these positions and we smile while receiving the participation certificate. Isn’t it?


It’s depressing to know that this is a harsh fact about our lives. Many of us will face the same situation in near future based on the factors such as money, self-unconscious, fame, views of other people. Then, how do we deal with it, if we will just be the participation certificate winners?

I am searching for the answer too.. If you have it, I will be pleased to know about it in the comments section. Do share your stories with us. And yeah, hit LIKE if you are aware of this harsh fact of life.






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