Start Expressing, Start Sharing

Consider this blog, for example, I absolutely have no greed of reaching millions and making millions through it. What this blog has become for me and my co-author Rayon is just a manuscript that these are or used to be our thoughts.

These are some wise words by my co-author Mak in the last blog post. So, I would like to open a new chapter through this statement. We started with an idea and also thought of monetising it, but looks like the traffic is still stuck at some unrepaired red light . But, we still take out time to write blogs even when we’ve lost the desire of reaching millions and making millions through it. Do you know why? (No, you won’t know it that fast.. Let me build up a bit for you).

Ever watched your friend go crazy on some weird occasions and you just stand there thinking – “I wish i was that much crazy “.

Don’t you want to scream out loud when your frustration crosses the limits.


Don’t you ever feel the lack of words when you want to express your feelings towards someone. 

At some moments, don’t you just want someone to be there and just listen to your heart.

And you know what, me and my co-author buddy got the answers while we were shivering in -7° C under the most beautiful night sky. (Still, waiting for the answer.. Just a bit more)

Why someone seems so disturbed of every situation in his/her life? Why someone out there is devoid of gratitude? Why someone out there is always too serious? Why someone out there has a face that looks deprived of real smile? The answer is simple yet unachievable to many. It is the lack of expressing yourself. 


I always thought I had an aura of a Saint (well it is still prevailing). Many strangers would start telling me about their lives without even knowing my name or who I was to them. Be it standing in a ATM queue or sitting in Metro. Now, I realise that people are so desperate to just share themselves to someone. Some start writing their personal journals, diaries, poems and many like us start writing blogs. This blog is our way of expressing and sharing with the world, the weird rantings of our mind.

Well, there are various funny scenarios which we face. Your class teacher enters the classroom and starts scolding students for a very small reason. Remember what went through our minds – “Definitely she/he had some rough time with her husband/his wife” *giggles*. Sometimes, our parents go angry over small stuffs and we think that they might be frustrated or had a hard day at work. Get someone HIGH and you will find the most shy and silent guy to be most expressive. He/she may turn out to be a totally different person. (Am not supporting drugs here, haha)


Carrying the immeasurable weight of scenarios inside your mind won’t give you answers. Start sharing and expressing them by any means (Not negatively, obviously). Find out yourself how it changes your life. And believe me, it will.


If you too have a story, how sharing and expressing yourself changed you, do share it with us in the comments section. We always love to know what others observe in their lives. Feel free to hit the like button and read our other posts too. Believe me you will watch many aspects of life in a different way.





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