Sing That Song For Yourself

So this goes over a routine stroll that three friends daily take with each other. Everybody is comfortable with the silence of the night and their blank brains for they have shared everything they can with each other over years of this strolling routine. Every one of those has seen the other fall and rise, being pushed from side to side – a little more or less. None of the two are same in any possible way – different habits, different lifestyles, different choices, different aura, different ambitions, even different religions if that counts – but still synced to each other in a way that neither the world nor they know how. Getting back to the routine stroll, there happens only two things. Either they are insulting and laughing at each other at such a level to push a person into coma or they are discussing things and stuff at an entirely another level and perspective which can also send the person hearing this into the coma.


Coming from different backgrounds and taking their own approaches over their respective lives, each one has and have had their own set of beliefs and values. Each one has had a thing or two which failed them, tortured them mentally and question their sanity. They have taken risks and leap of faiths to finally turn the spotlight of their life to that one thing which actually defines and give foundation to what they believe in and what they stand me. And as the fate giggled hearing this, comes the fact that there isn’t thing like that.

This gets me to the title of this blog, yeahhh…. “Self-belief”. It is so easier said than done. And it took those three friends a round around their brains to realize this. Nothing in this world guarantees you any success, any achievement or satisfaction apart from your will. Bridging the long gap between the fancy dreams and harsh logical reality and saving you from drowning in the river that lays in the middle is just one thing – yourself. Now I can open the gates of acceptance, realization, esteem whose keys come free as I twitch the subject of self-belief but there’s no point chanting them without us embedding the very basic thing in our very skins.


Once you really start thinking about substantial things about this world and its people, its history and where we are actually going, what’s gonna happen next – it is very easy to lose faith with it. After a point, this all seems just fake, there’s a flaw in every thing too hard to ignore and every promising thing has a chance of leaving you alone in the middle of nowhere. And you know what comes handy at this point. That love song you adore so much.

So as we come on the main topic and probably the reason why you are here, am not gonna suffocate you with the ways to belief in yourself. Go and read a thousand articles on google, but we can’t really implement those long processes or those 30 long day life changing programs. I have been there, still receiving their videos and newsletters but nahh.. that’s too much to handle in already complicated life – isn’t it. So try this one, select that song and sing it to yourself. Close your eyes and let each of the word, beat and rhythm make you feel that it’s made for you.


Now here’s the fun part. There are no boundaries to the type of song you select. Any genre, any theme and any artist that fits you. You’ll realize that even the oddest one can do magic for you because once you start relating, you get a sense that at least someone understands you – be that a song –  and you get so bonded with yourself and that song. Alright, go call that RJ and tell him/her to play your song and do mention that it is for a special person – You.

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