Drift Of Reality – Lucid Dreaming

I am trying to figure out how to start the post and here I am thinking how a billion of wires embedded in a small sphere create a whole new world of reality. I am talking about brain and those inescapable dreams. We feel and experience thrill, horror, excitement and sadness in there. If I am asked to define dreams, then it is the platform to explore and experience your fantasies. 


Are you like- “Wait, what? One can’t control his/her dreams.”. So, considering myself a philosopher for a moment, allow me to say – “Sit Down buddy, let me teach you !!”

Well, If you realise in a dream that you are actually dreaming, then you get the unlimited powers to do anything. Such dreams are called Lucid Dreams. Here is what our 19 year old digital saint (aka GOOGLE) says about lucid dreams:-

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.  

To tell you honestly, I am a lucid dreamer too. There have been many instances when I have realised and tried to control my dreams. But lucid dreaming is just another skill that needs work. To maintain a dream with complete awareness is hell of a task. These type of dreams fade away with any emotional signal that flows in your mind. And you wake up like, “Cmon dude.. Can’t you just hang on for some more seconds. I was about to _______ .” (Your fantasy here).

200_s (1)

Everyone has some reality checks to find if they are dreaming or not (remember this spinning top of Inception). Whenever I see my home or college or some really attractive girl actually interested in me, I realise that I am dreaming. Some people try supernatural things like getting inside a TV or flying or jumping like HULK (even I tried that once). And when you figure it out, then its a whole world to be defined just by you.

You just need to develop your consciousness to that level that you pick up on signs and realise that this can’t be true. Now for example, you can’t really see faces very clearly or even the surroundings. They are usually a little blurred. One interesting thing that you can try is to read something. In our dreams, we cannot read because the part of the brain that controls that doesn’t work in our dreams. And if you try to remember, there is no scene in the movie Inception when they are reading anything while dreaming. 

Let me tell you a short story of mine :-

I was dreaming about bathing. I came out with my towel, directly went out with my towel in a public place and eventually realised that I was dreaming. (DOOMED, right?). And I didn’t realise my towel was not at its place. I woke up like I saw a ghost and lifted my blanket to check everything. I still feel those eyes staring at me like o_O .


Well, try searching about it on the google. Read it, try it. Its way too awesome to create your own world. And now comes the best part – Whenever you reach there, try creating a figure and talk to it. Talk about yourself. Raise some great questions about who you are. You will actually find some astonishing corners of your mind revealed out there. You are a drone sent on some distant planet to find life on it. Question anything and you will know the answer.

If you have your stories about lucid dreams, share it with us and others. Do like and comment in this realm of reality.

Image Courtesy – Digital Saint(Google)


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