Stop Begging Perfection

When I see you, I don’t see who you are right now. I see what you have been, where you wanted to go, where you should be and how you should be. So let me ask you that one silly question all over again –

What happened? Where did you go wrong?

Your eyes tell me that you once had veins of steel with hottest blood flowing inside them. Those were unbreakable. Then why are they lying on the floor, rusted and nobody willing to go fix them. Are you not giving the world the chance to fix you? Or you don’t need the world anymore? Have you become fond of your own spilled blood? Or I should rather assume that you don’t believe in anything, anyone anymore.

Everything was going fine. You were getting closer to your dream job, you were getting closer to the glass wall behind which your sports car waits for you, you were getting closer to clenching the key of your dream home in your fist, you were so near the perfect relationship, you were getting closer to clearly see the smile and pride on the faces of your loved ones. But now why can’t I see your own pride and smile. I see most of your teeth when you smile yet none of the heart. And I ask you again, what happened?


Since when did this world from a beautiful paradise turned into a crazy circus for you. You used to be so confident that your own reflection envied you, but now you don’t have the courage to look into the same mirror. The one who wanted to be on nothing but the top mantle is now happy in being lost in the crowd. You had life figured out – precisely and accurately – where were you mistaken? What has happened to that energy which could once tread the world bare-footed but now can’t pick up its own broken pieces?


And since now you’ve come this far and seek an answer to your miseries, I’m not afraid to say that all this while there is only been one person to blame – You. Your ego, your expectations, your desires, your fantasy and your fairy-tale. I believe you’ve been long enough in this world to see that everything is around is uncertain and full of surprises. I bet you knew that. Then why all this while why were you so certain about yourself that you kept betting your life on it. Things as big as stars break too, my friend, you are a mere human being with no clear record of your existence and your future. You read a million stories, you had a thousand desires, you made a hundred dreams, you make few of them your life. You have learned so much, you have seen so much, you have been through so much, then why do you fail to realize one simple thing – YOU’RE NOT PERFECT.


The day you realize this, you’ll also realize that not just you, nobody is perfect. And that is when the huge dam of expectations – disappointment, happiness – pain, me – the world breaks and you are relieved from the cage that you designed for yourself. One harsh truth and that’s all it takes to breathe better. That’s all it takes to live better, to live for the moment instead of burying yourself in guilt, regret and self-hatred.

And you know what’s the best part, you’re still wonderful. The world would be more wonderful to you because when you start to loosen up and see things the way they are, you stop fussing over things if they don’t go your way. Because you know we don’t have control over everything. You’ll understand people, their situation and their lives better. It’s just the way we are and the only way that we can live peacefully with ourselves. ACCEPTANCE. Now if you’re asking why we are so, then go ask your creator. And by any chance if you happen to come across your creator, before you ask him anything, ask him this – “Are you perfect?”















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