Why God Made Time


I would like to express my deep and sincere thanks to my version of year 2013 who made it possible for me to come up with today’s post.

(Unfortunately, timeline of year 2013 has ended.So, I could only wish if I had some letter-box that could penetrate through time and reach there)

Let me trace back and tell you what actually happened  (Pre-script: It may sound awkward):-

I was in my first year of graduation and was returning back from my college.I had a bus service. It was around 8.30pm when my stop arrived. I de-boarded the bus and walked, as usual, towards the traffic light and waited for the signal to cross. Signal went Green for the pedestrians and as I crossed the road, I just gazed to my left and my right. Now, there was a signal inside my head. It was an interrogation- “Why do I feel that I am connected to these pedestrians somehow?”. I got back home, told my friends about it and the signal sublimated.


It has been almost 4 years now. Today, the incident resublimated for a moment and gave the answer. Can you figure out what is it? It is the only dimension that proves our existence, dinosaurs’ existence, existence of Big Bang and everything that ever existed.


It is TIME. The only connection we had while crossing that road was just intersection of various timelines. This is how coincidences are defined. Not only coincidences, I should say everything that we created on this planet is just to save this dimension or to expand it. Technology is a way to save time. Every physical quantity revolves around time. Everything is created here. But Time was created somewhere out there.

Horoscopes, Planet positions, foretelling, destiny are nothing but the patterns we try to figure out. Consider Mathematics where Fibonacci series is just a pattern but the entire subject is not based on it. It is similar here. These patterns are a little part of TIME. If someone asks me to define this omnipresent quantity – “It is a substitute of GOD”. And why do I say so?


Well, the actions of the whole world depict it clearly. If a stranger is on way to a new city and asks someone how far is it, 90% of the times he is answered – “Ohh!! You are very close. Just 10 minutes from here.” Why do lovers, while making love, have a thought – “I wish time could stop for some moments”? How Time heals the greatest scars of our lives? Why do people say, “Everything happens only at the right time”? Why is it said that a great business idea flopped just because it was not the perfect time?

Take some moments from your life. Think. Rethink. We believe in a superpower out there because we believe HE gives us everything within our life’s timeline. What if this was not the case?


Like and comment if you think about it. Do share your thoughts with us. And yes, do make others think (PS – share it too).

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