Be Selfish And Change The World

An international flight takes off on a random day. 8 hours pass by and an immediate instruction is provided for passengers to wear oxygen masks. It is always announced with a soundless disclosure to put on yours first and then help others put theirs.


Imagine a selfless person in the flight. He doesn’t put his own mask and roams around to help everyone. (I know that’s hypothetical.. But Just let it flow inside you). Now, what if there are a bunch of similar passengers on the flight. Seems a little bit awkward, but that’s what many of us have become – A Social corpse.

We are experts in presenting ourselves to different kinds of people and virtual worlds, aren’t we? Whenever we lack contentment in our efforts, we mutate to this corpse mode. Till when? Do it for years and you will realise that your life is never so much happening. You would have missed some great moments behind those digital pictures.


Apply same mutation to the people who are always ready to debate on politics. Same social corpses who want attention at any cost. A statement is released and a hyperactive university sets his ass on fire. Talk to any of them and what all they have in mind is to create a change in the nation. Really? Will it change this way? Have asked the same question a year back — It would have been a YES. Ask me now — It’s a big NO.

We only care to be socially aware but never ever work to be personally aware. Frankly, how much time do we devote for our personal growth. It ought to be on top priority but mostly weighs down to bottom of the list. And here the world of fakeness begins.


By the way, this is some another day’s topic. What I want to say, is to be personally aware first. BE SELFISH. There is nothing wrong to give priority to the most beautiful human being. I was once told by my teacher to do for others only if I had something on my own. It makes perfect sense now. I can’t be socially aware or wise until I have personal wisdom. I don’t want to look at others for my own satisfaction.


The world teaches to look for true happiness. And that, It will only come by making others happy. Been there, done that. But, I can’t hold it anymore. Selflessness doesn’t make sense now. How will I understand the world if I won’t understand myself? Think of making yourself better. That’s it. I won’t turn out to be a selfless saint without experiencing this selfish side.


Honestly, try it. Give yourself the highest priority in your thoughts. Think about yourself. Understand your molecules. And you will realise how the world makes sense, the truth behind people’s words and many more revelations. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section. We would love to know your perspective.

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