When Pillars Of Life Made No Sense!!

Similar to these, there stand many monuments and historical sites on Earth. It had been years since I visited these caves. I was told by fellow tourists that these caves are carved out of the hard work of 3-4 generations. 400 years of creation and no count of how many minds/souls sacrificed. (Minds… Souls… sacrificed?? Looks like your brain received a blur sort of signal).

So, there can be many assumptions why in first place they started with the idea. First, some ruler had an idea to create a mark of their civilization for ages and therefore, dispatched some families to craft the mountains. Secondly, some families ran out of terror or war in their kingdom and found the region to be perfect for a new life. Meanwhile, they started this craving just to pass their day or for some ‘x’ reason.


I am not interested in what happened or how. What I felt is that 3-4 generations worked at a single place. 100 years of life… Every year… Every month… Every day … Every hour… Every minute… Every second. We open our mouth wide whenever something of this excellence comes in contact with our mind’s sense. For a moment, consider this analogous to current time- 9-5 jobs of the working class. And I know many who are bored of it like hell, just because of the routine that doesn’t change for months. Same goes for those cave craftsmen.


Imagine the states of numerous souls who went on to create such great monuments of this world. May be they were promised to be aided with basic amenities for their life, so they went easy on it and took this offer. But, the following generations.. It’s not at all necessary that they had equal levels of passion as their parents to work for a hundred years within those rocky boundations. And imagine how did the intermediate generations manage to motivate themselves for they may not live long enough to embrace the final art.

The words like passion, purpose of life, motivation meant nothing to them. And yet they created something of this greatness. Seven Wonders of the World definitely holds seven million of untold stories like this. Stories of adults like us ; kids like us. This is what I meant with minds’ and souls’ sacrificed.


The word SACRIFICE can never have a one or two line definition. It is an endless manuscript. There is a whole dream or a life attached. And whenever I go deep, it goes all blur in the mind’s screen. Like what for? Why? Who decides? Are we just intermediate generations who will not live long enough to see the ultimate art? And then what is this ultimate art? Who wants to create it? Why? Just for fun … And like always I tap on my head and sleep… May be that’s all I can do…

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