Here, Hold My Imagination

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

How wonderful it would have been if we could say these words. But we can’t, because imagination, like our pint of beer, isn’t shareable. We hold a world in our imagination, where we are the kings and queens, the throne is made of chocolate and the scepter has a ice-cream on top. But as much as we would love to show this to everyone else, we wouldn’t want to share this because a king of chocolates wouldn’t want to fight the king of vanilla. What I meant is that the imagination consists of beliefs and the things that we want to come true.


Start in the morning and you’re already imagining what would make an ideal day for you. Close your eyes, begin to pray and you’re already thinking of almighty imagined and created by somebody else. Go to office, start on a project and you have in mind what should feel like, look like, work like or move like. Even when you’re sleeping, you imagine and dream, however, unconsciously. I ask you to imagine something soothing and you think about beach, breeze or maybe mountains or the embrace of your lover. And I tell you to imagine something bad, you think about all the things you’re scared of, the fear of losing someone, being alone and stuff like that.

Still reading and you’re wondering, OK so what? I do not believe in famous law of attraction when I say the next thing – ‘Your thoughts have energy’. Now this surely doesn’t mean that you can move a goddamn car by staring at it for 5 mins. These thoughts are limited to you and they only affect the domain of your body and its limits and definitely others if you’re venting out your frustration on them. Alright try this, smile for no reason, you won’t look foolish to anybody near you and just pretend that you’ve just read a good joke. Do it, and moments later I bet you’re feeling better.


We usually remain sad because we have nothing to be happy about. Why can’t we try this in reverse, why don’t we get happy when we have nothing to be sad about. Things begin in your brain and are persevered by our thoughts, but that’s not the main thing. A teddy given life by your thoughts could mean the world to you, a million dollar bank balance may make no sense to you and thousands of people screaming your name might be a noise to you. All down to your thoughts and imagination. You may see a ghost in the light and gold in the sand if you want, because that’s how your own very brain fools you.


What’s our duty? Ask your thoughts because if seen clearly, they are the best reflection of your instincts. Imagine as much as you can, to do something, to change something because after all, we all might be a character of somebody’s imagination only.

One thought on “Here, Hold My Imagination

  1. My whole mission of my life: Just to find the eternal truth,…. but here i am, bound to eternal loops. Think,think amd think something great. And but that night little aggressive and did mastrubate. Whole thinking process ended there. Cause of a new depression. U think about that on and on. I think u r foolish, not an over thinker, maybe overthinker in some useless aspects but y u had written a long essay on what u think. It is about ourselves. Thinking is an process for myself. Hope u did think something useful and find some peace for u my brother.


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