The fun theory- Its time to change the behavior

Are you the one who gets bored while walking to your workplace? Are you scared of climbing up the stairs (Yeah, its too energy sucking work for me too)? Ever tried throwing a can directly into a bin from a distance? Your Mom asks for the remote and you throw it right away, isn’t it like that? And then a scolding , “Can’t you just walk and give it to me ?”.

These are just some normal examples. The whole encyclopedia of such actions is with you and now you are trying to remember many more. What if all these daily actions were transformed into something fun. May be some examples down here will tell you what I mean:

  1. Piano Stairs

Transformed a subway staircase into “Piano Stairs” and 66% more people than usual chose the stairs over the escalators. Who won’t? We all love to create music in any way possible.



  1. World’s Deepest Bin

A rubbish bin in a park, to which have been added speakers that produce an effect of “deep well” turning littering into something fun. As a result, people deposited 230% more trash in the “World’s Deepest Bin” than in a bin nearby. I just hope a child gang does not try to enter it in order to make it their secret base.

  1. Bottle Bank Arcade

A bank of bottles turned into an arcade game with sound effects that includes scores in visible places. People used the “Bottle Bank Arcade” 50 times more than the traditional machine. Even some of them bought extra bottles of juice and soft drinks to have fun with the arcade. (Fun time for Soft drinks and Juice making Companies)

  1. Crying Tap

Guess what? When a person comes to use the tap and if it is turned on for 3 seconds, a crying baby sound starts and only stops when you turn off the water tap. It’s the same as that birthday candle that splits up and starts a sound. And then we beat the shit out of that candle to stop it. Not here because you are doing it for a good reason.


  1. The wiki traffic light

Everyone is scared of red traffic light. The moment it occurs we are like, “Oh Gosh… Now I have to wait for 5 minutes up here”. What if the traffic light starts telling you some amazing facts like this:



Even I have an idea to convert vacuum cleaners into gamified vacuum cleaners. Yeah, just like Pokemon Go , this vacuum cleaner game will have a map of your house which will dynamically place some organisms to kill in various corners of house and you have to take the vacuum cleaner to clean the corner in order to kill those pests. Sounds interesting , right ??


This all is part of fun theory. This is an initiative by Volkswagen and this is what they say:

“It is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.”

Go and check out at for more such innovative ideas . And you can even participate through the site . If your idea is worth it, you can win €2500 .

Do like the post if you loved the way people try to innovate. Feel Free to Comment and share your ideas and thoughts about the same with us.


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